“Since I was a child, I've been busy drawing and giving things shape. Most of my ideas arise while I'm sitting with a pencil and a piece of paper - simply. It has always been like that.”

Jens Ingvard Hansen has for many years worked with sculptures as an independent sculptor. He has exhibited throughout the country also abroad. Most sculptures are made in the classic sculpture materials bronze and granite, and the overall theme is the thought of life as an infinite movement.

The formal starting point is often simple geometric figures that are transformed into new shapes through the contrast between slippery and coarse surfaces and sculptural twists, or consisting of several parts that are put together into a new whole.

“It has always been important for me to consider nature, and I am always in search of motives that can inspire me. It is probably in many ways the sum of these experiences expressed in my sculptures.”

Jens Ingvard was born and raised at Tåsinge.

He has always been fascinated by the richness of nature, and when you ask him to put pictures on inspiration from his hometown, he does not mention the green meadows and the sea, but the shift of the savaged tree from smooth flat to rough bark and the different structures in the surface of the boulders that was broken over.

“Above all, it is important for me to create a sculpture that is exciting to consider and which in its own way challenges the viewer. I like to work nonfigurative because it allows people to form their own stories that fit their own story or life.”

“I like that because art is not a concrete language; It is an intuitive language - something one can feel forward to and who can pass on to others.”


  • Enrolled in the Royal Society of Sculptors 2020
  • Recorded in Danish Sculpture Society 2017
  • Got his own Bronze foundry 2010
  • Independent sculptor from 2004
  • Autodidact sculptor trained by sculptors Søren West, Kværndrup (natural stone) and Keld Moseholm, Fåborg (bronze cast) 1996 - 2000
  • Aarhus School of Architecture 1993 - 1995
  • Tool smith, Svendborg 1988